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Thank you for your support the last 8 years! Right now Gloria's Angels is taking a break as we discern our next course of action. We are looking for a new leader and a partner in technology. Our services are suspended until we are able to announce a new leader and technology partner. Please keep the future of Gloria's Angels in your prayers!

My friend has cancer.
How do I help?

Form a team with us

We’re dedicated to forming teams around those suffering from life-threatening illnesses. These teams are comprised of the patient’s family, friends, and community, and they help with everything from delivering meals to yardwork.

The family is what matters

We give the immediate family more time together by lifting everyday burdens– everything from doing laundry to giving rides.

We do only what the family wants, only how the family wants it.

Keep it doable

Families can be overwhelmed early on by many offers of help— only to really need it 6 months later.

We don’t want the patient’s family or close friends to feel alone or burnt-out. Gloria’s Angels works to get and keep a team involved, accessing support from a broader network that includes co-workers, neighbors, church members, etc.

...and we're totally free.

Donor-funded since Day 1

Refer Someone

The Process

1. Refer

Refer someone with a life-threatening illness.

2. Consult

Talk to someone from Gloria’s Angels. Together we’ll determine if it’s a good fit.

3. Plan

After receiving your friend’s approval and answering their questions, we form an Action Plan.

4. Serve

Friends, family, and community come together to serve. The patient stays in control without having to manage.

Team Mary Results


Meals Delivered


Loads of Laundry



I am so grateful for the support that could only have happened because of Gloria’s Angels"

Mary D. Breast Cancer Survivor

Refer Someone